Get Pumped!

There is not a non-fat iced latte venti enough to knock the cobwebs out of my brain this morning. I've been in sleep deficit for over a week now.

I keep toying with the idea of driving to a nearby city, turning off my cell phone and checking into a nice hotel. The kind of hotel that trademarks their bed - you know the bed I'm talking about - soft and white and fluffy - with several dozen pillows and sheets that have a thread count higher than my SAT score (1210, if you're wondering).

Realistically, though, I've got to pack tonight for another quick trip to Atlanta. Dad gets better and better. I want to be there to talk to him and help Mom.

We're starting to plan for how we'll take care of him when Mom goes to Kansas later this month. My sister is due with the first baby of the family - Henry William - in 18 days. Mom was originally going to go for two weeks, and now we think it may end up being a long weekend instead.

Last night, my sister and I were talking and she brought up breast pumps - and specifically, that she asked a friend of our family what kind she had used. I don't find many things inappropriate, and I'm not squeamish - but I thought that was kind of an odd opening question for someone she's not really even close with and hasn't seen since my wedding.

My sister said, "I know it disgusts you, but this is what moms talk about!"

Speaking of moms, and what they do, this morning at work, I noticed that a starling landed on the ledge outside my window. As birds go, they're not exactly rare, but I like them. They're small, freckled, industrious. I keep seeing them land on my ledge - usually with beakfuls of straw or other detritus, so I think they're building a nest nearby. Now that's an amazing Mom!

I love birds - they're amazing - and there is such a vast variety. A penguin is a bird, so is an emu and so is a blue jay. We have a feeder in our backyard. Given that we live in the city, we don't see a lot of variety - grackles, jays, cardinals, doves, starlings, and the occasional sparrow and wren.

My parents live in the suburbs, and they tend to see more action (woodpeckers, chickadees and once, a redstart). I want to make sure that Dad's feeders are filled, and that we put out the sugar water for the hummingbirds so that he can enjoy them when he gets home.

I know, I know - why talk about birds when the breast pump conundrum remains unresolved?

Lest you read this and think, "what an asshole", I'll tell you that just yesterday, I bought my incipient nephew an outfit for the 4th of July. I love me some WalMart!

So I'm not all bad. Just kind of bad.