If it's Lola, it must be Friday...

All kinds of news to report.

First, Dad breaks free from cardiac rehab tomorrow – it seems like it’s been a year since this all went down, so if I’m glad he’s coming home, I can only imagine how he must feel.

Second, there’s a giant sinkhole*** in the parking lot at my office. I’m kind of intrigued by it. I’d be interested to see if it grows bigger and sucks up the whole building, but I’d hope that would happen on a weekend when nobody’s here. I watch and wait.

As for Lola’s DNA test – a quick call to customer service yesterday revealed that the e mail saying results were in the mail was incorrect. I should have results by mid-June. I’m so impatient. I took her to the vet this morning to board (again) and told the people at the front desk, "If it's Lola, it must be Friday." I'm thankful to have such a good vet.

While Krogering the other night, I was at the self-checkout, which was really self-preservation – at 8PM, there was a long line at the 1 open register. Anyway, I get started and the kiosk says, “Welcome valued customer!” That made me kind of mad. If I were really all that valued, would I be ringing up my own groceries?

Sometimes, I like doing my own cashiering. For one, I’m fast, and for two, I always bag my groceries exactly how I want them.

But at the same time, I used to get paid quite well to be a cashier. I left Harry’s in 1997 making $8 an hour…so if I spend 10 minutes at self checkout, I should be making $1.33 – or at least saving that much on my groceries…right?

That said, I do like Kroger, and I actually enjoy grocery shopping. I tend to seek out bargains, and I shop enough to track the rising cost of food. Milk and OJ are good measuring sticks…eggs too. Also, new product alert. Big K brand soda now comes in Diet Grape. Purple Soda 'Staches for everyone!

We’re not cooking at home as much as I’d like right now, because we’re not keeping much in the house, due to our erratic schedules.

I am cooking my father’s welcome home celebratory dinner this weekend. Here’s what we’re having – grilled chicken marinated with mustard, garlic, lemons and rosemary; corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes (heirloom if I can find them) and fresh green beans. Dessert will be some kind of fresh fruit. Is it plum time yet? Can I get cherries? I don’t know. If at all possible, I’m going to Harry’s though. This is where I worked from age 16 – 23. Loved it. I had some really happy times there, and it was the basis for the customer service philosophy I’ve lived by ever since. Their produce is the best, it’s big, bustling and happy. I could spend hours there. And have. Some paid, others not. A few people still work there from the early days, and I like seeing them.

Harry's got bought out by Whole Foods, but it's still awesome:

My last note for the day is that I cleaned out the trunk of my car for the first time in way, way too long. Let’s put it this way – I found a pen from the company I was working with when I bought the car in 2001. Ouch. It was kind of an archaeological dig, though. I also found the file I kept on the flowers I had at my wedding. That was a nice memory.

So hopefully without all that junk in my trunk, I’ll be a little more streamlined.

Time to motivate and get through the day, then head to Atlanta with husband, luggage and one red ukulele.


***I was just informed via building-wide e mail that it's not a sinkhole, but erosion caused by failure of a storm drain. I still hope the building gets sucked in.