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It's Just Lunch

I'm not on the market, nor have I been in over a decade, thankfully - but if I were, one of my myriad options would be a company called, It's Just Lunch - that takes the scary out of dating by pairing you with a compatible match on a short date - i.e., lunch.

I mention this because my new boss, D, came to me yesterday to see if we could have lunch today, and of course I agreed.

And then immediately started obsessing about a way to explain to her that I'm not really a nut, I just have some anxiety issues that make me a little crazy when under duress.

As if we needed proof, I left my laptop in the Butler's Pantry this morning and had to race back to the house to get it before my 9AM training class.  Which, due to computer problems, my trainee couldn't join until 9:30.  And to top that off, D got pulled into deal with some product glitches, and we rescheduled lunch for Tuesday.  But, since I'm already feeling nuts, I took a minute to apologize for being so scatter…

Disco Neck Ted

So, tonight I weigh in, again.  If my home scales don't betray me, it should be good.  And if it's not, get ready for me to fall out on the floor of the Weight Watcher Center.

What can I say?  I'm a little fragile at the moment.

On Friday, I moved a row over from my old team.  I still have J - and for that, let us all give thanks.

But I miss my old comrades.  They're over there laughing and joyful, and I am here cranky and blue.  And lonely.

I bought myself a pair of earbuds from Skull Candy - and I spent the day trying to listen to Pandora -show tunes, but alas, I felt more irritated than soothed.  Genome mapping, my ass.  I mean, really, how many songs can they play from A Chorus Line that aren't Dance 10, Looks 3?  Plenty.  And they played Nothing twice.  F you, Pandora.

At least the earbuds are cute.

Meanwhile, the bump on my head is now a deflated scab.  Aren't you glad I mentioned it?

I'm hungry, and I'm chewing gum like a maniac, and I've nab…

And now for something completely different...

So, from time to time, I post on a site called The Comics Curmudgeon, which I love because it is a forum to make fun of the funny pages.
So, this week, the plot of a vapid strip called Luann revolves around a school-sponsored beauty pageant.
Well, as you probably didn't know, I spent some time on the pageant stage when I was in high school, and what I posted in relation to that, was this:

In the interest of full disclosure, I will now admit that I entered my High School’s Pageant back in 1991. It was technically a Scholarship Pageant, meaning evening gown, talent and interview – but no swimsuit.
I didn’t place, but like all the other girls who didn’t place, I got a trophy which cryptically reads Miss RHS 1991. I keep it on my desk at work and when people ask if I was Miss RHS 1991, I say yes. Even though that year the winner was a girl named Katie.
I wish I had something profound to say about my brief time in the Pageant Circuit, but what I will say is, it was the first, and …

And Post Effing Script

I decided not to get my guys at work any food today.  Why?  Because how shitty is it to have to throw your own going away party?  Fuck that.

Exactly, thank you.

We did all (or, mostly all) order BBQ for lunch.  It was...adequate.  I need protein, and I need it yesterday.


Didn't actually think of that...

So today, they lanced the cyst on my head.  And it now kind of hurts.  The lidocaine, which hurt a lot when they did it, is starting to wear off.

No Zumba tonight, which never occurred to me - but the nurse said no way, no how.  She actually seemed to know more than the doctor.  God help me.

Anyway, they left it open, and packed it to drain, which it is now doing.  But that meant putting dressing on it.

And that meant wrapping my head like a mummy.

Which lasted five minutes before sliding off my round head in the car.

So I stopped at Walgreen's for more gauze and got a few soft wide fabric headbands to keep gauze attached to head.   Then got gas, went to Kroger and got some groceries and a doo-rag.  I could tell the cashier, a black guy, was a little surprised to see me buying ethnic hair products, but desperate times, desperate measures.

Now I'm at the house with a black headband securing a 4x4 pad to the draining incision on my head.  The good news is, no antibiotics, yet. …

Tender Loving Crudites

I went to see my parents this weekend.  Sans spouse because frankly, he needed a weekend of nice weather to go biking, chillax and such.  And originally, I was set to have a three day weekend - President's Day, and all, but the powers that be decided to have Support work that day.

I hear you saying, "But Allison - you're not Support any more."  And that's correct - however, I was when the edict was handed down, and I got scheduled to train Monday, and you know me - I'm not one to shirk work.

The good news is, we'll have the place to ourselves.  I'm wearing jeans, dammit.  And we're ordering BBQ and since I'm feeling a little nostalgia, I am planning to give myself a send-off by bringing either doughnuts or Chicken Biscuits.  With the latter, once they're gone, I'm not tempted to sneak over and polish off a dark-chocolate filled.  I know.  I know.

In the afternoon, I'm going to the doctor to have this cyst on my head looked at.  Be…

Deep cleansing breaths...

Ok, well, so - last week, due to inclement weather, I didn't weigh in.  They closed both Wednesday and Thursday, and by Friday, I decided to let it go til today.

And, it's probably better that way.  I ended up only losing 1.4 pounds over two weeks. Two very challenging weeks.  Still, that's better than gaining 1.4 pounds.

So.  Tomorrow, we start again.  Ok, I admit it - I had pizza for dinner (spinach, no sausage or whatever) and it was excellent.

But if you had my day, it might have sent you running toward carbs and fat, too.

My boss had a major announcement today - he's gotten promoted. 

As part of that, I am moving into a new department.



So, my company has acquired 3 new companies in the last 5 years.  One in Ohio, one in Colorado and one in Skowhegan, ME.

Each company has their own support team, and Bossman has been charged with getting everything aligned across five locations.

And because he has that on his plate, my colleague J and I are going to now report up t…

My Fuzzy Valentine

It's a story I've told a hundred times if I've told it once.

But I'll tell it again.

Twelve years ago today, I was still living with Mom and Dad. It was a Saturday and my parents were headed to the Mountains for the day. I was headed to the Mall.

I told them before they left that if our friend Katie had puppies at her farm, I wanted one.

Since it was mid-Winter, they explained that it was unlikely, but agreed.

While I was buying my father sugar-free Valentine's Candy at Happy Herman's, and chocolate covered cherries for Mom at Godiva. I stopped at PetSmart and looked at the mutts they had from the local rescue I went home and took a nap.

When Mom and Dad arrived home, they called me downstairs to look at something.

And that something was Lola.

They heard her before they saw her. They were in my father's Jeep Wrangler, and driving down the dirt road, they heard yelping.

They stopped and saw a small beige and brown dog wailing on the side of…

Book Report

So, I did finally think of something worth saying. I ended up two weekends ago at the Urgent Care Center, and while I was there, I downloaded a new book to the Kindle.

Confessions of a Prairie Bitch, by Alison Arngrim is the scathing tell-all autobiography of the woman who played Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie.

The premise of the book is that learning to be a bitch is what set her free. She was molested as a kid by her brother, was painfully shy, and her parents were definitely non-traditional. So, she channeled her inner Nellie and survived it.

It's a fun read. Her behind the scenes details are juicy, and you feel like you know her by the end of the book.

Loved it.

I finished it in my 2 hour wait.

I need a cheaper habit.

More soon!

Well, hello there!

So, as boring as it is that I talk about my weight constantly, I'm going to do it again anyway.

I weigh in tomorrow, and I don't feel optimistic. The cocktail party undid me a little - I ended up eating more mini quiches than I counted. I estimate that I ate 10 of them. I still stayed within points, but... we'll see.

Regardless, I went to Zumba last night, and I'll be honest, I kept checking myself out in the mirror, and I'm looking better. I can objectively tell that I have lost weight, and I like it.

But on Saturday, I liked the quiches more.

Sunday was made easier when the party got canceled - the host was called into work. WHEW. But we went and had Vietnamese at Kien Giang. Banh Mi = 15 points. Maybe.

So, we'll see.

Meanwhile, I am growing leaner, longer and stronger.

In somewhat tangential news, did you know that Laughing Cow has new flavors?

It's true. Chipotle (delicious), Sun Dried Tomato and Bleu Cheese (waiting to try those, but WOW).

I …

Snow Sweater Redux

So, I cannot tell a lie – Irma wore the snow/cat sweater again last night, and one of our meeting members asked to take a photo of it. I coulda/shoulda taken one as well, but I think my fellow member was being sincere, so I let it ride.

And, ok, to be fair, I was riding high after weigh-in. Down, another 1.8 pounds for a grand total of 10.4 pounds in 4 weeks. Not bad. Not bad at all.

And really, it’s not been that hard. Now, this weekend promises to bring new challenges. Like the challenge of parties. The Mad Men Cocktail party on Saturday – piece of cake*. The birthday girl/honoree is healthy, so most of the calories there will be of the alcoholic variety, and they don’t tempt me. And if that weren’t enough of a barrier, I’m on antibiotics.

Yes, that’s right. Remember the bump on my head from last post? Well, I went to an urgent care center. After three hours and one Kindle book, I learned it’s an infected sebaceous cyst, for which he gave me antibiotics and narcotics. T…