On second thought...

So as it turns out, I love the headbands, and they're a huge hit:

So, I'm heading back to Charming Charlie's at my earliest convenience to get some more.  Feathers, snazzy colors.  Wild abandon - coming soon to a noggin near you.

I've decided that my second batch of jelly is acceptable to submit into the fair, and that happens a week from today.

I'm going to see my parents this weekend- that's stellar.

Included in my trip to the ATL, I get to see my BFF Connie and her behbeh Jack, who just turned one.

Babies freak me out, but I do love Connie.


For now, that's it and that's all.

Clearly, my mood today is far better than it was 48 hours ago.

Maybe I had a few really fresh Effexor down at the bottom of the bottle.


The headband is darling. If you can find one with Carmen Miranda-style fruit on it, you win.