Are you, are you coming to the tree?

So, if I haven’t mentioned it before, earlier this year,  I read the whole Hunger Games series, which – if you haven’t read it, you need to.  It’s just great.  And I don’t really care as a genre for fantasy/science-fictiony stuff – this was hands down, incredible.

I bring this up, not to impress you with my ability to read books meant for middle-schoolers, although, if that impresses you, so be it.

I mention it because in the last book for the series, Mockingjay, there are a group of people who flood the airwaves with Propos – propaganda pieces that are meant to enrage or provoke as a call to action.

Well, you know – propaganda is fascinating.  It teaches and preaches.  It enrages and enlightens.

And occasionally, it shows up in your company’s breakroom.  I briefly mentioned this yesterday, so let me expound.

I ate lunch in there yesterday and noticed a few new things on the bulletin board.  They’re all one-page “posters” – one asks if you’d be willing to wear your browser history on your shirt – would you be embarrassed to have your boss see it?  Another shows someone breaking into a house and indicates that not all intrusions are this obvious, and to be aware of your online security.  The third warns against online scams and warns you not to click on links that you can’t confirm.  The final one is a copy of a 1940s era war poster – Lost Laptops Sink Ships…

And change your password to something other than "password", dammit.

I don’t know the origin of, or the reasons behind these Propos.  I alternate by being amused and creeped out in equal fashion.

We, and by we I mean an amalgam of my colleagues speculate that we are doing this to make a customer happy about our standards of security within the company.

I keep chuckling because on the browser history Propo, it shows a screenshot of one that includes (slutty underthings) and (sex toys).  Funny stuff.

I’m one of a number of people in this office who have inadvertently misentered information and instead of going to went to, well – – they’re totally and completely different.  You’ll find golf balls at the former, and just plain balls at the latter.

Like this, only a little smaller, a little fuzzier, and hopefully in sets of two.

Oh, and once I telesupported a customer who had a file open on his desktop of a topless woman.  It was funny.  I hope he was embarrassed but I doubt it.

So, those exceptions aside, do I intentionally abuse the company internet?  Only just as much as everyone.  Seriously.  I'm not dealing meth, but I've been known to use it for non-business reasons.

I’m planning on doing a little pre-shop at before I head to Kohls brick and mortar at lunch. 

It’s the American way.

For the record,  I feel like I “deserve” something cute to wear to the ballgame.  I considered throwing on my “We Are Nashville”  t-shirt because I have a bandana that would match perfectly!

I am reminded of a woman once on Jerry Springer who said of herself and her daughter, "We are not a bitch!"

But we’ll see.