Thursday Chatter

Bonjour, Y'all!

1. They apparently decided that closing Customer Support for President's Day was a bad move. And I could have told them that, but the good news is, I still won't be working, though some colleagues have volunteered. I have plans. I plan to sleep in, do a little housework, get my pedicure with Rese and Natae. Plans are plans.

2. A colleague of mine sent me this: - - hysterical. Truly. I laughed out loud.

3. Going to a party this weekend, planning to make a pound cake. Yes, I am excited. No, I don't get out often enough.

4. Planning for my parents' 40th Anniversary continues. Laura and I would love to have a cocktail hour. I think they'd enjoy it. We'll see. Their present from Matt, Lola and me arrives today - a dozen Ruby Red grapefruit. The 40th Anniversary is the Ruby Anniversary. Boom!

5. Valentine's Day needs to hurry and get gone - I am ready to shop for all things Eastery. Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry!

6. I'm thinking I'll surprise my colleagues with a little baking tomorrow. Because I can, but more importantly, because I want to.

7. Did you ever notice that the domain name is close to both and Filthy. Also, if you ever want to go to the Dick's Sporting Goods website - it's not, and trying that may get you in trouble at the office. You have been warned.

8. I have seen three of the ten Best Picture Oscar nominated films. That's actually better than average for a gal like me.

9. I've started feeding the birds in our yard again. They seem grateful. I want to name them all and knit them sweaters.

10. Saturday marks the eleventh anniversary of Mom and Dad finding Lola and bringing her to me. I am so lucky. Lola is pretty lucky too. I think I'll make her a special dinner.

11. All that weight I lost during food poisoning appears to have returned, mostly to my ass, thighs and in puffy bags under my eyes. That rhymed. Unintentionally.

OK, ├ža suffit!